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Table 3 Estimates of K cost and K cancer

From: Modeling the energetic cost of cancer as a result of altered energy metabolism: implications for cachexia

Study and parameter measured in study Estimated cost of cancer, K cost (kcal/kg/day) Equivalent K cancer assuming X anaerobic  = 25 % (kcal/kg/day)
A [35]: REE increase 300 ± 110 200 ± 73
B [32]: increased oxygen consumption 400 to 470 270 to 310
  1. Estimates are summarized of tumor cost on body per kg tumor. The equivalent K cancer using X anaerobic  = 25 % is shown (calculated from equation 6). Study A derives this estimate from increased resting energy expenditure (REE) per kg (liver + metastases) adjusted for variations in fat free mass (FFM) in a prospective colorectal cancer patient cohort (n = 18) found in [35], and Study B derives this estimate from increased oxygen consumption per kg tumor (see Additional file 3), in a study of n = 85 cancer patients studied preoperatively [32]. Ranges of cost in Study B were given due to patient mass in the studies not being provided. Cost is rounded to two significant figures. Estimates of energetic costs of cancer should be taken with caution, as they could be highly variable due to the type of cancer studied