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Table 1 Descriptions of the functions f 1 through f 7, G in (t) and I in (t)

From: Simulation and qualitative analysis of glucose variability, mean glucose, and hypoglycemia after subcutaneous insulin therapy for stress hyperglycemia

Function name Description
f 1(G(tτ 1)) Insulin production and release by pancreas
f 2(G(t)) Insulin-independent glucose utilization
f 3(G(t))×f 4(I(t)) Insulin-dependent glucose utilization
f 5(I(tτ 2)) Hepatic glucose production
f 6(G(t)) Inhibitor of hyperglycemia
f 7(G(t)−330) Inhibitor of hyperglycemia
G in (t) Nutritional source
I in (t) Exogenous insulin