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Table 3 Summary of model parameter values, description of the resultant pathophysiology, with associated descriptor

From: Simulation and qualitative analysis of glucose variability, mean glucose, and hypoglycemia after subcutaneous insulin therapy for stress hyperglycemia

Name and value Pathophysiology or function Descriptor
β=0.8 Low normal insulin-dependent Mild IR
  glucose utilization  
β=0.6 Low normal insulin-dependent Severe IR
  glucose utilization decreased by 25 %  
α=0.8 Low normal insulin secretion Mild I D p
α=0.6 Low normal insulin secretion Severe I D p
  decreased by 25 %  
d i =0.17 High normal IC Borderline IC
d i =0.25 High normal IC increased by 50 % I C 50
\(\digamma = 2\) Normal gluconeogenesis rate doubled No descriptor