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Table 1 Definition and values of parameters in simulations

From: Assessing potential countermeasures against the dengue epidemic in non-tropical urban cities

Parameter Symbol Value Source
Fixed parameters    
Host population (Meguro City, Tokyo) N h 2.7×105 [16]
Host population in the high-risk (H) area \(N_{\mathrm {h}}^{\mathrm {H}}\) N h×1/31  
Host population in the low-risk (L) area \(N_{\mathrm {h}}^{\mathrm {L}}\) N h×30/31  
Transmission rate (vector to host) b 0.46 [25]
Transmission rate (host to vector) c 0.83 [25]
Host recovery rate γ 1/7 [26]
Vector birth rate μ b 1/30 [18]
Vector natural mortality rate \(\mu _{\mathrm {m}}^{\text {nt}}\) 1/30 [18]
Uncertain parameters    
Biting rate a 0.122 (base case)  
Vector excess mortality rate \(\mu _{\mathrm {m}}^{\text {ex}}\) 0 (base case)  
Number of vectors per host in the H area r H 100 (base case) [18, 19]
Number of vectors per host in the L area r L 0.22 (base case)  
Host mobility rate (from the L to H area) w HL 0.078 (base case)  
Host mobility rate (from the H to L area) w LH \(w_{\text {HL}}N_{\mathrm {h}}^{\mathrm {L}}/N_{\mathrm {h}}^{\mathrm {H}}\)  
Quarantine proportion q 0 (base case)