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Table 4 Model comparison

From: Estimating transmission probability in schools for the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in Italy

Model School A School B
CGS (q c ,q g ,q s ,ε) 702.83 757.91
S (q c =q g =q s ,ε) 799.91 779.38
CS (q c ,q g =q s ,ε) 774.91 761.16
CGSvar (q c ,q g ,q s ,ε var ) 751.20 426.21
  1. DIC values of the different models considered. Model CGS has three different transmission rates inside the school (q c , q g and q s ). Model S has a homogeneous infection rate inside the school (q c ). Model CS has a transmission rate for the class (q c ) and a different transmission rate in the remaining part of the school (q g ). Model CGSvar is the same as CGS but with a non-constant ε