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Fig. 5 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 5

From: Establishment of a new initial dose plan for vancomycin using the generalized linear mixed model

Fig. 5

Blood concentration of VCM-time profiles in patient who was benefited more from GLMM best model than from PMM. Patient b in Fig. 4 showed BEPV of 13.20 μg/mL, PMMPV of 8.40 μg/mL, and GLMMPV of 11.93 μg/mL. a Patient’s PMMPV showed major differences with the BEPV, putting the level outside the effective blood concentration range. Therefore, PMM led to major disadvantages in prediction. However, the GLMMPV and BEPV in (b) were close and effective blood concentration range was reached, indicating the GLMM best model was appropriate for making these predictions

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