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Table 5 ICC for medical data (discrete variables) related to PMMPDQ

From: Establishment of a new initial dose plan for vancomycin using the generalized linear mixed model

Medical data (discrete variables) ICC l-95% CI u-95% CI
Sex 0.057 -0.032 0.991
Adjusted SCr 0.036 -0.041 0.989
Aged 75 or above 0.023 -0.039 0.987
No. of days from start of administration to blood test for blood concentration trough -0.043 -0.065 0.484
Age group (10-year intervals) -0.044 -0.117 0.392
Irregular interval administration -0.047 -0.047 -0.037
No. of doses -0.071 -0.140 0.358
  1. Medical data (discrete variables) with a large ICC in relation to PMMPDQ have a high likelihood of being random effect items suitable for use in the GLMM best model