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Fig. 4

From: Possible contribution of quantum-like correlations to the placebo effect: consequences on blind trials

Fig. 4

Calculation of the probability of a direct relationship. The evolution of the probability that a team (composed of two members who interact) observes a direct relationship is described in this figure by taking into account successive probability fluctuations. The probability defined in Fig. 3 is calculated according to the mathematical sequence in the cartouche. Each successive probability p n+1 of the sequence is calculated by using p n and a random probability fluctuation is randomly obtained between −0.5 and +0.5 × 10-15. This computer simulation shows that the initial state with a probability of 1/2 is in fact metastable and, after a dramatic transition, one of two stable positions is achieved: either Prob (direct) = 1 or Prob (direct) = 0. With N > 2 or with higher values of probability fluctuations, a transition is obtained after a lower number of calculation steps (data not shown). Eight computer simulations are reported in this figure

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