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Fig. 5 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 5

From: Possible contribution of quantum-like correlations to the placebo effect: consequences on blind trials

Fig. 5

Comparison of local vs. remote assessment in an experiment with two placebos. In an experiment with a local assessment (local blind design or open-label experiment), correlations between labels (Pcb 0 and Pcb 1) and states of the biological system (↓ and ↑) emerge (b and e) from the initial state (a and d). These correlations vanish if the assessment of the experiment is made in a blind experiment with a remote supervisor (c and f). In this latter case, the difference between the biological changes associated with Pcb 0 and Pcb 1 is not statistically significant (NS) and the biological changes (“↑”) are randomly distributed among the two placebos. The difference of results in local vs. remote assessments offers the opportunity to test the modeling

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