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Table 1 The model parameters and related estimates

From: Modelling infectious diseases with relapse: a case study of HSV-2

Parameter Meaning Value Reference
δ i (i=1,2,,12) Relapse risk 1/78.5 [30]
γ i (i=1,2,,12) Recovery rate 1/13 [30]
μ i (i=1,2,,12) Rate of removal from sexual activity 0.0231 [31]
q Assortative coefficient 0.3 [32]
a Proportion of homosexual behavior 0.02 [33]
c 1 Transmission coefficient for male 0.228 Estimated
c 2 Transmission coefficient for female 1.78 Estimated
ϕ Exponent parameter 0.700 Estimated
0 Basic reproduction number 2.07 Estimated