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Table 4 Fit parameters for anesthetics and their mixtures

From: Theory of synergistic effects: Hill-type response surfaces as ‘null-interaction’ models for mixtures

Drug D 50(mg/kg) Slope RMSEa
Midazolam 0.144 4.83 0.054
Propofol 1.078 11.14 0.035
Alfentanil 0.093 5.69 0.069
Midazolam/propofol    0.387
Midazolam/alfentanil    0.477
Propofol/alfentanil    0.228
Ternary mixture    0.461
  1. aRMSE = root-mean-square error with respect to exptl. data. For pure compounds RMSE refers to fits, for mixtures it refers to predictions