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Table 1 Parameter Definitions for ODE Model

From: A Theoretical Model of the Wnt Signaling Pathway in the Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition

Parameter Definition Units Assumed Value Source
α1 Basal production of E-cadherin \( \frac{nM}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.01 estimated
α2 Basal production of β-catenin \( \frac{nM}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.01 [13]
α3 Basal production of Slug \( \frac{nM}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.001 estimated
β1 Basal degradation of E-cadherin \( \frac{1}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.03 estimated
β2 Rate at which β-catenin binds to the GSK-3β / Axin/APC complex \( \frac{1}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.03 estimated
β3 Basal degradation of Slug \( \frac{1}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.03 estimated
k 0 Rate at which Dvl inactivates the GSK-3β/Axin/ APC complex \( \frac{nM}{\mathit{\min}} \) 3.7 ∙ 10−3 estimated
k 1 Rate at which E-cadherin sequesters β-catenin at the cell membrane \( \frac{nM}{\mathit{\min}} \) 0.01 estimated
k 2 Rate at which β-catenin upregulates Slug in the cell nucleus \( \frac{nM}{\mathit{\min}} \) 1 estimated
IC S Half maximal concentration of Slug required to inhibit E-cadherin transcription nM 3.3 estimated
IC B Half maximal concentration of β-catenin needed up upregulate Slug nM 0.33 estimated
IC E Half maximal concentration of E-cadherin needed for sequestration of β-catenin at membrane nM 0.033 estimated
IC D Half maximal concentration of Dvl needed to inhibit the degradation of β-catenin by GSK-3β nM 0.67 estimated
n 1 Hill Coefficient 3 estimated
n 2 Hill Coefficient 2 estimated
n 3 Hill Coefficient 2 estimated
n 4 Hill Coefficient 5 estimated