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Table 1 Parameters used in model (2)

From: Estimating the prevalence of infectious diseases from under-reported age-dependent compulsorily notification databases

Parameter Meaning Values used in the numerical simulation
λ(a, t) Force of Infection Calculated
μ(a, t) Natural Mortality Rate 0.0133 year-1a
α NN(a, t) Disease-induced Mortality Rate for non-notified individuals b
α N(a, t) Disease-induced Mortality Rate for notified individuals b
γ NN(a, t) Recovery Rate for non-notified individuals Assumed negligible
γ N(a, t) Recovery Rate for notified individuals Assumed negligible
κ(a, t) Notification Rate 0.0125 year-1 [16]
  1. aFrom demographic data of Brazil
  2. bConstructed as equal to 0.15/{1 + exp.(−0.1(a − 57.31))} year−1 as in [16]