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Fig. 5 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 5

From: A mathematical model for histamine synthesis, release, and control in varicosities

Fig. 5

Extracellular histamine after in vivo stimulation. The black and blue curves are experimental data. The black curve (n=6) was obtained by stimulating HA neurons in the TM and measuring eHA in the PM relative to baseline. The overlapping dashed green curve is the model prediction where fireha(t) has been increased between 5 s and 9 s corresponding to the stimulation (see the text). The blue curve is the result of the same experiment done 50 min after the mice were given the H 3 autoreceptor blocker thioperamide. The overlapping green curve is the model simulation where the effect of thioperamide is modeled by reducing the available autoreceptors by 60%

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