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Fig. 1

From: On the utility of a compartmental population kinetics model of intestinal epithelial stem cell proliferation and differentiation

Fig. 1

Compartmental scheme for proliferation and differentiation of the small intestinal epithelium, based (with permission) on Figure 7 of ref. 30. Subscripted k’s represent differentiation rates; unscripted lowercase Greek letters (α, β, γ, δ, ζ) indicate proliferation rates; subscripted λ’s indicate cell loss rates. Colors match the scheme in Figure 7 of ref. 26. CBC: crypt based columnar cell; TAC: transit amplifying cell; AP: absorptive progenitor; EC: enterocyte; SP: secretory progenitor; EEC: enteroendocrine cell; TC: Tuft cell; GPP: goblet / Paneth progenitor; GC: goblet cell; PC: Paneth cell

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