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Fig. 3 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 3

From: Effects of pathogen dependency in a multi-pathogen infectious disease system including population level heterogeneity – a simulation study

Fig. 3

Difference across the country locations indicating the different household size distribution and the coefficient of household reduction during the symptomatic phase of the infection. The slope is obtained from the linear model to indicate the change caused by the most extreme difference in the coefficient due to the dependent scenario (all pathogens interacting with dependency) and the independent scenario (all pathogens working independently). This is also visible in Table 6. The outcomes of interest that have been presented are 3.1- peak prevalence during the observed epidemic, 3.2- incidence of infections during the 150 day period of interest. (Numbers above 1 indicate that cumulative probability of infections during the study period was above 100%)

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