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Table 6 Comparison of slopes across the different country locations. This indicates the observed difference in the outcomes from the epidemics due to the differences in the coefficient of household isolation (the extreme scenarios of complete dependency versus pathogens functioning independently) and the household size distribution in the country location used as shown in Fig. 3 (3.1, 3.2)

From: Effects of pathogen dependency in a multi-pathogen infectious disease system including population level heterogeneity – a simulation study

  Hypothetical India Germany
Peak Prevalence (−0.0006,0.0008) (−0.015,-0.011) (−0.006,-0.003)
Time to reach peak prevalence (−22.542, 4.102) (1.252, 2.427) (−0.932,1.732)
Incidence proportion (−0.008,0.006) (−0.079, −0.060) (−0.081,-0.056)