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Table 2 Parameter Estimates, Description, Units and Source

From: A patient-specific treatment model for Graves’ hyperthyroidism

Parameter Description Value Source Units
k 1 Relative maximum uptake rate of MMI 8.374×10−3 Literature [28] mg/(mLLday)
k 2 Elimination rate of MMI 3.3271 Estimated 1/day
k a Michealis-Menten constant for half maximal uptake rate of MMI 0.358068 Simulation mg/L
k 3 Relative maximum secretion rate of FT4 0.119 Calculation pg/(mL2day)
k d Michealis-Menten constant for half maximal secretion rate of FT4 0.05 Simulation U/mL
k 4 Elimination rate of FT4 0.099021 Estimated 1/day
k 5 Relative growth rate of the functional size of thyroid gland 1×106 Simulation mL3/(Uday)
N Maximal growth ratio 0.833 Calculation U/(mL2)
k 6 Thyroid inactivation rate constant 0.001 Simulation mL/mgday
k 7 Maximal production rate of TRAb 0.875 Calculation U/(mLday)
k b Inhibition rate of TRAb 1.5 Simulation mg/L
k 8 Elimination rate of TRAb 0.035 Estimated 1/day