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Table 3 Journal/conference backgrounds of the reviewed studies

From: A review of influenza detection and prediction through social networking sites

Method category Method name Study reference Journal/conference background  
Graph data mining Graph data mining [23] Environment and public health  
Text mining Historical patterns [45] Web intelligence  
  Co-occurrences [44] Infection control  
Topic models ATAM [46] Health  
  ATAM+ [47] Social media  
  HFSTM [48] Data mining  
Machine learning Neural network [61] Cognitive information processing  
  SVM [57] Multiple scientific disciplines  
   [56] Natural language processing  
   [59] Computational linguistic  
   [58] Biology and medicine developments  
   [60] Living system  
   [55] Computational biology  
  Pred. market using SVR [64] Social media mining  
  Naive bayes [63] Health care  
Math/Statistical models SNEFT [67] Networking systems  
  ACF [65] Bioinformatics  
  Numerical-based analysis (SEHA using BOW) [68] Sustainable global development  
Mechanistic disease models Metpopulation model [70] World wide web  
  Compartmental model [48] Data mining  
   [35] Multiple scientific disciplines  
  Agent-based model [73] Healthcare informatics  
Keys/Documents filtration Keys/Documents filtration [74] Repository of pre-prints