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Fig. 3 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 3

From: On the suitability of an allometric proxy for nondestructive estimation of average leaf dry weight in eelgrass shoots I: sensitivity analysis and examination of the influences of data quality, analysis method, and sample size on precision

Fig. 3

Fit of the model of Eq. (1) to raw data. Panel a Fitting results of the model of Eq. (1) by the log-linear transformation method. Distribution of replicates around the mean response curve shows a significant bias. This entails poor reproducibility (\( \widehat{\uprho} \)=0.8910) of leaf dry weight values. Panel b Shows fitting results for nonlinear regression and raw data. For this arrangement parameter estimates and Eq. (1) produced \( \widehat{\uprho} \)=0.9307. Thus, nonlinear regression stands a gain in reproducibility strength

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