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Fig. 8 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 8

From: On the suitability of an allometric proxy for nondestructive estimation of average leaf dry weight in eelgrass shoots I: sensitivity analysis and examination of the influences of data quality, analysis method, and sample size on precision

Fig. 8

Examples of changing trajectories w m (α q , β r ,t). Black lines a reference trajectory w m (α,β,t). This produced by raw data and nonlinear regression as an analysis method. For ∆α q . ∆β r  > 0, shifting trajectories w m (α q , β r ,t) overestimate or underestimate w m (α,β,t) projections (see red or blue lines in panel a)). The case ∆α q ∙∆β r  < 0, leads to relative smaller deviations between w m (α q , β r ,t) and w m (α,β,t) (see red and blue lines in panel b))

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