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Fig. 9 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 9

From: On the suitability of an allometric proxy for nondestructive estimation of average leaf dry weight in eelgrass shoots I: sensitivity analysis and examination of the influences of data quality, analysis method, and sample size on precision

Fig. 9

The variation of the relative deviation index ϑ(θ) (raw data). The standard errors of estimates acquired by nonlinear regression from raw data, produced ϑ(θ ste ) = 0.0205. And for a range 0 ≤ θ(q,r) ≤ θ ste the largest value of the absolute deviation between w m (α q , β r ,t) and w m (t) is around 2% of 〈w m (t) 〉 (see Appendix 3 for details)

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