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Table 2 Reproducibility results for w m (α, β, t). Entries include, Lin’s concordance correlation coefficients \( \left(\hat{\rho}\right) \), root mean square deviations (rms) and ratios of 〈w m (α, β, t)〉 to 〈w m (t)〉 averages

From: On the suitability of an allometric proxy for nondestructive estimation of average leaf dry weight in eelgrass shoots I: sensitivity analysis and examination of the influences of data quality, analysis method, and sample size on precision

Analysis method Data w m (α, β, t)〉/〈w m (t) 〉 \( \widehat{\rho} \) rms
Log-linear Transformation Raw 0.8436 0.9285 0.01265
Nonlinear Regression Raw 0.9773 0.9915 0.00460
Log-linear Transformation Processed 0.8588 0.9489 0.01264
Nonlinear Regression Processed 0.9975 0.9976 0.00293