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Table 3 Sensitivity of the w m (α, β, t) projections to changes in estimates of the parameters α and β. Included are calculated θ ste values. This gives θ(q, r) as determined by the standard errors of estimates. We also present corresponding values of the relative deviation index ϑ(θ ste )

From: On the suitability of an allometric proxy for nondestructive estimation of average leaf dry weight in eelgrass shoots I: sensitivity analysis and examination of the influences of data quality, analysis method, and sample size on precision

Analysis method Data θ ste ϑ(θ ste ).
Log-Linear transformation Raw 3.662×10−3 0.1598
Nonlinear regression Raw 5.101 × 10−3 0.0205
Log-Linear transformation Processed 3.035×10−3 0.1419
Nonlinear regression Processed 3.954 × 10−3 0.003