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Table 1 Parameters for sensitivity analysis of the sexual transmitted infection

From: Modelling the impact of correlations between condom use and sexual contact pattern on the dynamics of sexually transmitted infections

Parameters Description Assumed values
R 0 Basic reproduction number 3.65 [33]
c Rate of sexual contact among people with steady (or single) partner only Back-calculated from R0
w Relative frequency of sexual contact among people with casual (or multiple) partners 4.0 (Assumed)
π Coverage of condom use 0.49 (Estimated in systematic review)
q Relative coverage of condom use among people with multiple partners 1.32 (Estimated in systematic review)
p Proportion of people with multiple partners 0.30 (Assumed)
θ Assortativity coefficient (i.e., proportion of contacts that are spent for within group mixing) 0.20 (Assumed)