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Fig. 2 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 2

From: Outside-host phage therapy as a biological control against environmental infectious diseases

Fig. 2

Bifurcation diagrams of the model dynamics in the absence of the phage-resistant bacteria population (B = 0), presenting population densities of the susceptible host (S), the infected hosts (I), the pathogen (P) and the bacteriophage (F) for the host recovery rate, 0 < δ < 0.8. When the recovery of hosts is not possible, the host are extinct. Increasing the recovery of hosts, increases the host and phage population sizes as well as the number of infections, while recovery rates above 0.2 decrease the number of infections and the population size of the phage. Pathogen populations remain stable regardless of the recovery rate of the hosts. The parameter values used are shown in Table 1

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