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Fig. 2 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 2

From: A conceptual model for optimizing vaccine coverage to reduce vector-borne infections in the presence of antibody-dependent enhancement

Fig. 2

Regions of Rd and Rz where dengue vaccination increases/reduces Zika infections. a The red curve represents the variation of ΔZ with respect to Pv when Rz and Rd falls into the red region in (b). The blue curves refer to the case when Rz and Rd fall into the blue region, \(P_{v}^{*}\) and \(P_{v}^{c}\) are the optimal and critical dengue vaccine rates to reduce Zika infections. Here κ=2. b Dengue vaccine can always increase Zika infections if the basic reproduction numbers Rd and Rz are in the red region. The vaccine can reduce Zika infections if the vaccine coverage rate is within a certain interval when Rd and Rz are in the blue region

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