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Fig. 9 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 9

From: A conceptual model for optimizing vaccine coverage to reduce vector-borne infections in the presence of antibody-dependent enhancement

Fig. 9

Sensitivity analysis on optimal and critical vaccine coverages. a optimal vaccine coverage rate; b critical vaccine coverage rate. For each country shown in the figure, we sample the ADE factor κ in a large range of [1.2,2.5], and the corresponding local Zika and dengue basic reproduction numbers estimated from literatures. Each box plot has its first, second, and third quartiles marked. We sample (Rd,Rz) from ranges cited from literatures: [2.89,3.29]×[2,2.3] ; [2.07,2.6]×[2.13,2.53]; and [2.73,3.13]×[2.13,2.53]

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