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Table 1 Parameter definitions and values

From: A conceptual model for optimizing vaccine coverage to reduce vector-borne infections in the presence of antibody-dependent enhancement

  Definitions Value(range) Reference
c Mosquito biting rate 0.8(0.3,1) [21, 35]
β d Mosquito-to-human transmission probability of dengue Varied (0.045,0.32) [21, 35]
β z Mosquito-to-human transmission probability of Zika Varied (0.125,0.281) [21, 35]
η d Human-to-mosquito transmission probability of dengue 0.5(0.3,0.75) [21, 35]
η z Human-to-mosquito transmission probability of Zika 0.5(0.3,0.75) [21, 35]
γ d Recovery rate of humans infected with dengue 0.2(0.017,0.33) [35]
γ z Recovery rate of humans infected with Zika 0.2(0.14,0.33) [3638]
μ Mosquito mortality rate 0.1(0.028,0.25) [21, 35]
κ Antibody dependent enhancement/neutralization factor Varied (0,3) [79, 32, 33]
  of the susceptibility of ZIKV   
  1. * βd and βz are calculated from varied values of Rd(1.2,3.2) and Rz(2,3)