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Fig. 10 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 10

From: Identification of influential proteins in the classical retinoic acid signaling pathway

Fig. 10

Various forms of elimination of RA after treating different models with 0.1 μM of RA. Three models with various parameter sets are shown in blue, green and red. Green: [CRABP1t]=8.6 μM, [CRABP2t]=16.1 nM, [CYPt]=11.2 nM, [RARt]=0.24 μM. Red: [CRABP1t]=2.7 nM, [CRABP2t]=11.4 nM, [CYPt]=30 nM, [RARt]=0.22 μM. Blue: [CRABP1t]=3 μM, [CRABP2t]=11 nM, [CYPt]=2.26 nM, [RARt]=0.71 μM. Full list of the models’ parameters is reported in Additional file 1: Table S2

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