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Fig. 2

From: Identification of influential proteins in the classical retinoic acid signaling pathway

Fig. 2

Changes in the transcription rate of the GOI (a) after adding various concentrations of RA to a model with a set of random parameters: [CRABP1t]=2.6 nM, [CRABP2t]=3.2 μM, [CYPt]=0.1μM, [RARt]=3 nM. b after adding 1 μM of RA to various models with different sets of parameters; Green: [CRABP1t]=1 nM, [CRABP2t]=7.7 μM, [CYPt]=3.5 nM, [RARt]=9 nM. Red: [CRABP1t]=10 nM, [CRABP2t]=1.9 μM, [CYPt]=15 nM, [RARt]=0.17 μM. Blue: [CRABP1t]=2.6 nM, [CRABP2t]=3.2 μM, [CYPt]=0.1 μM, [RARt]=3 nM

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