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Fig. 4 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 4

From: Finite element analysis of biological soft tissue surrounded by a deformable membrane that controls transmembrane flow

Fig. 4

The kinematics of two phases constituting a mixed material. In the solid phase, the current micro-volume dΩt is related to the original volume \(\mathrm {d}\Omega _{0}^{s}\) by the solid deformation gradient tensor Fs. In the fluid phase, it is associated with the original volume \(\mathrm {d}\Omega _{0}^{f}\) by the fluid deformation gradient tensor Ff. Generally, \(\mathrm {d}\Omega _{0}^{s}\) and \(\mathrm {d}\Omega _{0}^{f}\) don’t coincide

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