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Table 2 Predictive model evolved dataset

From: Model based on GA and DNN for prediction of mRNA-Smad7 expression regulated by miRNAs in breast cancer

hsa-let-7c hsa-let-7d hsa-let-7 g hsa-mir-100 hsa-mir-107 hsa-mir-10b
hsa-mir-126 hsa-mir-140 hsa-mir-145 hsa-mir-146a hsa-mir-148a hsa-mir-149
hsa-mir-15b hsa-mir-183 hsa-mir-185 hsa-mir-191 hsa-mir-200c hsa-mir-205
hsa-mir-21 hsa-mir-212 hsa-mir-22 hsa-mir-224 hsa-mir-23a hsa-mir-26b
hsa-mir-29a hsa-mir-29c hsa-mir-30a hsa-mir-32 hsa-mir-33a hsa-mir-34a
hsa-mir-375 hsa-mir-378 hsa-mir-425 hsa-mir-429 hsa-mir-497 hsa-mir-503
hsa-mir-92b hsa-mir-93 hsa-mir-125a hsa-mir-15a hsa-mir-20a hsa-mir-27a
hsa-mir-374a hsa-mir-625