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Table 3 Parameter descriptions and values for Model 3

From: Assessing parameter identifiability in compartmental dynamic models using a computational approach: application to infectious disease transmission models

Parameters Description Value
N Population size 200,000
βI Transmission rate in the community (per day) 0.084
βH Transmission rate in the hospital (per day) 0.1134
βF Transmission rate at traditional funerals (per day) 1.093
1/α Incubation period (days) 7
θ Proportion of cases hospitalized 0.80
1/γh Time from symptom onset to hospitalization (days) 5
1/γd Time from symptom onset to death (days) 9.6
1/γi Time from symptom onset to the end of infectiousness for survivors (days) 10
δ Case fatality ratio 0.81
δ1 \( {\updelta}_1=\frac{\updelta {\gamma}_i}{\updelta {\gamma}_i+\left(1-\updelta \right){\gamma}_d} \) 0.80
δ2 \( {\updelta}_2=\frac{\updelta {\gamma}_{ih}}{\updelta {\gamma}_{ih}+\left(1-\updelta \right){\gamma}_{dh}} \) 0.80
1/γih Infectious period for survivors (days) 5
1/γdh Time from hospitalization to death (days) 4.6
1/γf Time from death to funeral (days) 2
R0 Basic reproductive number 2.685
  1. Parameter values are consistent with the 1995 Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo [25]