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Table 3 Cumulative absent time and absent number of patients in each disease group when the total number of patients in a hospital unit is small (N=20)

From: Modeling Clostridium difficile in a hospital setting: control and admissions of colonized and symptomatic patients

Admission and control factors Cumulative absent time in percent Absent number
λA+λC=0.1,σ=1,ε=1 %(tA,tC,tI)=(7.54,11.63,34.60) (NA,NC,NI)=(9,10,7)
λA+λC=0.1,σ=0.5,ε=1 %(tA,tC,tI)=(9.07,13.08,35.57) (NA,NC,NI)=(9,10,7)
λA+λC=0.1,σ=0.1,ε=1 %(tA,tC,tI)=(10.93,14.09,37.22) (NA,NC,NI)=(10,12,7)
λA+λC=0.1,σ=1,ε=0.5 %(tA,tC,tI)=(10.82,16.63,38.52) (NA,NC,NI)=(11,11,7)
λA+λC=0.1,σ=1,ε=0.1 %(tA,tC,tI)=(14.75,21.28,42.32) (NA,NC,NI)=(13,13,7)
λA+λC=0.1,σ=0.1,ε=0.1 %(tA,tC,tI)=(19.52,23.91,44.21) (NA,NC,NI)=(14,14,7)
  1. Average results are obtained during 200 days from 800 realizations