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Fig. 3

From: How to eliminate taeniasis/cysticercosis: porcine vaccination and human chemotherapy (Part 2)

Fig. 3

Vaccine efficacy is 100% and coverage rate is 82%. In all graphs: human taeniasis (blue), human cisticercosis (yellow), human cisticercosis (red). In a and b, the vaccine is applied to pigs of one week of age and the second dose is given later to pigs of 12 months and 9 days of age. Simultaneously, chemotherapy is applied to both pigs and humans. In c, the same immunization protocol is followed as in a and b, but no chemotherapy is applied. a) Mean worm intensities; b) Prevalence of infected hosts; c) Prevalence of infected hosts. The coverage rate and the efficacy of the anthelmintic drugs in pigs and humans is 90 and 90%, respectively. Ro = 5.49;  pC = 0.82

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