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Fig. 6 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 6

From: How to eliminate taeniasis/cysticercosis: porcine vaccination and human chemotherapy (Part 2)

Fig. 6

Vaccine efficacy 82% and coverage 60%. In all graphs: human taeniasis (blue), human cisticercosis (yellow), human cisticercosis (red). The vaccination strategy includes three doses: the first dose is given to newborn pigs, the second is applied to pigs of one month of age, and the third dose is for pigs with 14 months plus 24 days of age. Concomitantly to the vaccination strategy for pigs, chemotherapy against human taeniasis is administered to humans of 14 and 16 months of age. a) Mean worm intensities; b) Prevalence of infected hosts. Ro = 5.49;  pC = 0.60

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