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Table 6 Immune system model and antibiotics pharmacological effect model parameters

From: Mathematical modeling of septic shock based on clinical data

Parameter Value Description Sources
k pm 0.6/M-units/h Rate at which the non-specific local response(M) eliminates pathogen [15]
k mp 0.01/P-units/h Rate at which the non-specific local response is exhauseted by pathogen [15]
k pn 1.8/N*-units/h Rate at which activated phagocytes(N*) consume pathogen [15]
p 20·106/cc Maximum pathogen population [15]
s m 0.005/M-units/h Source of non-specific local response [15]
μ m 0.002/h Decay rate for the non-specific local response [15]
s nr 0.08NR-units/h Source of resting phagocytes [15]
μ nr 0.12/h Decay rate of resting phagocytes [15]
μ n 0.05/h Decay rate of activated phagocytes [15]
k dn 0.35D-units/h Maximum rate of damage produced by activated phagocytes [15]
μ d 0.02/h Decay rate of damage [15]
k cn 0.04/CA-units/h Maximum production rate of the anti-inflammatory mediator [15]
k cnd 48N*-units/D-units Relative effectiveness of activated phagocytes and damaged tissue in inducing production of the anti-inflammatory mediator [15]
s c 0.0125CA-units/h Source of the anti-inflammatory mediator [15]
μ c 0.1/h Decay rate of the anti-inflammatory meditor [15]
k nn 0.01/N*-units/h Activation of resting phagocytes by previously activated phagocytes and their cytokines [15]
k np 0.1/P-units/h Activation of resting phagocytes(NR)by pathogen [15]
k nd 0.02/D-units/h Activation of resting phagocytes by damage(D) [15]
c 0.28CA-units Controls the strength of the anti-inflammatory mediator(CA) [15]
x dn 0.06N*-units Determines level of activated phagocytes needed to bring damage production up to half its maximum [15]
k 25 Coefficient for Srate Estimated
k 0 18 Coefficient for Sd Estimated
k D 0.35/h Coefficient of Sd for D Estimated
S 0 73.8ml Normal value of stroke volume S Estimated by[32]
k a 1/h Absorption rate constant from the gut compartment to the central compartment [23]
k e 1/h Elimination rate constant from the central compartment [23]
f p 1 Free fraction in plasma [23]
V d 1l/kg Distribution volume [23]
ε 0.01/h Maximum kill rate constant [13]
γ 0.5 Hill coefficient [13]