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Table 1 Comparison of model fit and estimated parameters

From: Quantifying heterogeneous contact patterns in Japan: a social contact survey

Contact pattern R0 (95% confidence interval) Number of parameters AIC
Use social contact matrix Plus age-independent susceptibility 1.34 (1.33, 1.35) 1 457.5
Plus age-dependent susceptibility 1.45 (1.42, 1.49) 15 208.6
Separable mixing 1.40 (1.38, 1.44) 15 208.6
Homogeneous mixing 1.25 (1.24, 1.26) 1 818.9
  1. † Akaike information criterion, calculated as the 2NLL + 2param where NLL and param represent negative log-likelihood and the number of parameters, respectively
  2. ‡ Basic reproduction number, R0, interpreted as the average number of secondary cases generated by a single primary case in a fully susceptible population. When the age-dependent heterogeneity is taken into account, R0 is calculated as the dominant eigenvalue of the next-generation matrix.