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Table 4 Contingency table of the one sided Fisher’s exact test [54] for the fourth row of Table 2, as an example

From: MiStImm: an agent-based simulation tool to study the self-nonself discrimination of the adaptive immune response

  ERS CRS Row total
Win 417 225 642
Loss 83 275 358
Col total 500 500 1000
  1. The p-value appearing there was calculated by the formula \(\sum _{i=417}^{500} {642 \choose i} {358 \choose 500-i} / {1000 \choose 500} \approx 4.48E-38 \). Note that the values of the hypergeometric distribution inside the sum are the probabilities of choosing 500 experiments out of 1000, containing exactly i ERS wins of the given 642 total number of wins and also choosing exactly 500−i ERS losses of the given 358 total number of losses