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Table 1 Calibrated values for the parameters in the model

From: The effects of time valuation in cancer optimal therapies: a study of chronic myeloid leukemia

Parameter Description Value Units
n Normal HSC division rate 0.00357 /day
m Cancer HSC division rate 0.0037 /day
d 0 Normal HSC mortality rate 0.005 /day
g 0 Cancer HSC mortality rate 0.0003 /day
r Normal DC production rate 1011.5 /day
q Cancer DC production rate 1011.5 /day
d Normal DC mortality rate 1.25 /day
d 2 Normal DC proliferation rate 0.25 /day
g Cancer DC mortality rate 1.1 /day
g 2 Cancer DC proliferation rate 0.5 /day
K Carrying Capacity of Bone Marrow 12791 HSC/day