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Table 2 Parameter values used in nitrogen metabolism model

From: Effects of a high protein diet and liver disease in an in silico model of human ammonia metabolism

Parameter Name Value References
Blood Volume 6.59 La  
Average Liver Mass 1561 g [32]
Average Human Mass, Male 88.7 kg [1]
Time Through Sinusoid 4.3 s [33]
Initial Urea 5.5 mM  
Initial Ammonia 0 μM  
Initial Glutamine 0 mM  
Recommended Daily Protein 71 g [34]
  1. aBlood volume is about 5.2 L for a 70 kg individual [35]. The value used above was determined by assuming a linear relationship of blood volume with body mass for an individual weighing 88.7 kg. This is the volume of the blood compartment used to calculate metabolite concentrations