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Table 1 Parameters and their descriptions (protein concentrations are in arbitrary units, and the unit of time is h)

From: Autophagy and apoptosis are regulated by stress on Bcl2 by AMBRA1 in the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria

Parameter Significance Value
k 1 rate of Bcl2 synthesis 0.05
k 2 basal rate of Bcl2 degradation 0.01
k 3 stress-dependent rate of Bcl2 degradation 0.6
k 4 Caspases-dependent rate of Bcl2 degradation 0.1
k 5 AMBRA1-dependent rate of ER-Bcl2 degradation 0.3
k 6 AMBRA1-dependent rate of mito-Bcl2 degradation 0.4
k 7 basal rate of AMBRA1 activation 0.001
k 8 ER-Bcl2-dependent rate of AMBRA1 degradation 0.3
k 9 mito-Bcl2-dependent rate of AMBRA1 degradation 0.4
k 10 basal rate of AMBRA1 inactivation 0.01
k 11 AMBRA1-dependent rate of Beclin1 activation 0.3
k 12 basal rate of Caspases activation 0
k 13 inactivated Beclin1-dependent Caspases activation constant 0.05
k 14 Bax-dependent rate of Caspases activation 0.4
k 15 basal Caspases inactivation constant 0.1
k 16 Beclin1-dependent rate of Caspases inactivation 0.37
k 17 Beclin1activation rate 1
k 18 basal Beclin1inactivation rate 0.01
k 19 Caspases-dependent rate of Beclin1 inactivation 5
Jcp Caspases Michaelis constant 0.01
k a rate of Bcl2-Beclin1 complex association 0.1
k b rate of Bcl2-Beclin1 complex dissociation 1
k c rate of Bcl2-Bax complex association 8
k d rate of Bcl2-Bax complex dissociation 0.1
S1, S2 stress level S1 and S2 0.5
Bcl2t total level of Bcl2 1
Baxt total level of Bax 0.25
Caspt total level of Caspases 1
Becic inactive, Bcl2-bounded Beclin1 0.2
Bect total level of Beclin1 1