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Fig. 1

From: Modelling the effects of glucagon during glucose tolerance testing

Fig. 1

Model schematics. Model schematics for the linear glucagon minimal model (LGMM) and non-linear minimal model (NLGMM). Model variables are described as: G, glucose; I, plasma insulin; X, active insulin; E, plasma glucagon and Y, active glucagon. Solid lines depict processes whereas dashed lines depict regulatory-dependent events. Parameter values are described in Table 1. Both models describe the hormonal regulation of plasma glucose concentration during hyperglycaemia ([G] > 120 mg/dl) and hypoglycaemia ([G] < 70 mg/dl), with the NLGMM additionally considering interstitial glucagon dynamics, [E], [Y], whereas the LGMM assumes a linear relationship whereby plasma glucose will increase in proportion to the concentration of glucagon, [E], in the plasma above the basal level

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