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Fig. 7 | Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling

Fig. 7

From: Modelling the effects of glucagon during glucose tolerance testing

Fig. 7

Statistical comparison of glucose effectiveness and insulin sensitivity. The evolution of blood glucose and plasma glucagon concentrations after an injection of one unit of insulin for patients with different degrees of glucagon sensitivity and glucagon effectiveness. A and C present the results from the LGMM, while B and D present the results from the NLGMM. The colour scheme indicates low glucagon effectiveness / sensitivity (dark blue) to high glucagon effectiveness / sensitivity. The value of δ varies between 0.0001 and 0.01 in increments of 0.005, whilst the value of sE varies between 1×10−5 and 5×10−4 in increments of 2.45×10−5. All of the parameter values used for these simulations are located in Table 8 in Appendix D

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