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Table 5 Statistical Comparison of the relative percentage error in the approximations to glucose effectiveness and insulin sensitivity, produced from the LGMM, NLGMM and Minimal Model

From: Modelling the effects of glucagon during glucose tolerance testing

Noise levelParameterMedianIQRMedianIQRMedianIQRp-value
 sI01.564410.599740.373300.0091< 0.0001
 sI-7.720840.105516.606052.5382-5.138638.8835< 0.0001
 sI-7.103769.731712.625369.7497-7.611671.9373< 0.0001
  1. The medians of each dataset and the interquartile range (IQR) are presented here and the p-values produced from the Kruskal-Wallis test at the 95% confidence level that tests if the data from each model is obtained from the same distribution