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Table 2   Constitution of the gene expression profiles

From: UGM: a more stable procedure for large-scale multiple testing problems, new solutions to identify oncogene

Gene categoryGene numberSamples S1Samples S2
1 to 401 to 40
Non differentially expressed genesGene 1X11~N(μ, 1)X12~N(μ, 1)
Gene 2
Gene m0
Differentially expressed genesGene m0 + 1X21~N(μ1, 1)X22~N(μ2, 1)
Gene m0 + 2
Gene m
  1. μ~N(0, 2), μ1~N(0, 1), μ2~N(2, 1). Non-differentially expressed genes’ number is from 1 to m0, which samples S1 and S2 come from a same population, i.e., μ1i = μ2i = μμ1i = μ2i = μ. μ1 = μ2 = μ~N(0, 2); Differentially expressed genes’ number is from m0 + 1 to m, i.e., μ1 ≠ μ2, μ1~N(0, 1), μ2~N(0, 2)μ1i ≠ μ2i