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Table 2 NetLogo Model Agent Legend

From: An agent-based model to investigate microbial initiation of Alzheimer’s via the olfactory system

Model AgentIntended Designation
Small yellow spheresEBs of C. Pneumoniae
Tan/pink edged circlesSustentacular cells in the olfactory epithelium
Filled purple spheresOlfactory epithelium cells in the olfactory epithelium
Filled light blue spheresMitral cells in the olfactory bulb
Red edged cellsMicroglia in the olfactory bulb, olfactory cortex and hippocampus
Filled dark blue cellsNeurons in the olfactory cortex
Filled magenta cellsNeurons in the hippocampus
White patchesAβ plaque
Orange X’sNF tangles