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Table 1 Parameter values

From: Modeling and dynamic analysis of tuberculosis in mainland China from 1998 to 2017: the effect of DOTS strategy and further control

ΛRecruitment rate1.6×107personyear−1[26, 27]
dNatural death rate  
 first stage0.0143 year−1[26]
 second stage0.0139 year−1[27]
G(β)Transmission rate  
 of infected population  
 first stage (β)2.5338×10−10person−1year−1LS
 second stage (ωβ)5.0554×10−10person−1year−1LS
σDisease-induced death rate0.06 year−1[12, 28]
εRate of progression to infec-6 year−1[29]
 tious stage from the exposed  
kRate of waning immunity0.25 year−1[2931]
γ1Recovery rate of the exposed0.6683 year−1[29]
γ2Recovery rate of the infectious  
 first stage0.0634 year−1LS
 second stage0.3972 year−1LS
pThe fraction of BCG0.6[2931]
 vaccinated successfully  
  1. Parm, Parameter; LS, least square