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Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling is an open access peer-reviewed journal adopting a broad definition of "biology" and focusing on theoretical ideas and models associated with developments in biology and medicine. Mathematicians, biologists and clinicians of various specialisms, philosophers and historians of science are all contributing to the emergence of novel concepts in an age of systems biology, bioinformatics and computer modelling. This is the field in which Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling operates. We welcome submissions that are technically sound and offering either improved understanding in biology and medicine or progress in theory or method.

Featured article: Assessing potential countermeasures against the dengue epidemic in non-tropical urban cities

Masui et al. model the spread of dengue in an urban environment, and find that reducing movement between high-risk and low risk areas, as in quarantine, may actually promote the spread of the disease, contrary to expectations.

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Dengue and quarantine – not as simple as you think